Warehouse safety guard rail systems protect from dangerous forklift accidents. Worker safety is critical for installing our guard rails around shipping areas, dock doors, offices, picking locations, and machinery will protect your workers and equipment from costly damage. The guard rail systems are easily installed and are powder coated yellow for visibility. Safety railing is an economical way to avoid costly and dangerous forklift and vehicle impacts.

Length (Inch):
2’2, 3’2, 4’2, 5’2, 6’2, 7’2, 8’2, 9’2, 10’2


  • Pallet rack upright protectors help prevent damage to rack uprights, shelving uprights, partitions, and many other factories and warehouse structures.
  • These heavy steel protectors provide a low-cost method of reducing damage to expensive equipment and protecting personnel from falling rack structures hit by moving vehicles.
  • These heavy-duty 5 gauge steel protectors are easily mounted by securing to the concrete floor using four W diameter wedge anchors (supplied as an optional purchase).
  • Post Protectors are painted in safety yellow hard glossy finish fora durable attractive appearance.

Height (Inch):
12, 18, 24


  • Rack protectors guard your pallet rack frames against dangerous and costly forklift impacts.
  • We offer both heavy duty and standard duty options depending on your needs and budget.
  • Our end of row rack protectors provides superior protection at the end of your pallet rack aisles. They are designed to withstand forklift and other vehicle impacts. It is important to preserve the integrity of the racking systems. Damaged racking is a safety concern and can lead to a catastrophic accident.

Length (Inch):
42, 48